PSM1 — What happens senior manager frequently distracts the team ?

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A senior manager frequently distracts the team.Who should try to solve this problem?

1)The Scrum Master

2)The Development Team

3)The Product Owner

4)The whole Scrum Team image credits

Lets understand each option in detailed

  1. The Scrum Master: The Scrum Master plays a crucial role in facilitating the Scrum process and ensuring the team’s productivity. They can take the lead in addressing the issue by facilitating open communication between the team and the senior manager. They can educate the senior manager on the impact of their distractions and provide coaching or guidance on effective collaboration within the Scrum framework. The Scrum Master can also work to remove any impediments that hinder the team’s focus and productivity.
  2. The Development Team: The Development Team members are responsible for delivering the product increments. They can collectively express their concerns to the senior manager and provide specific examples of how the distractions are affecting their work. The team can propose potential solutions and work together to find ways to mitigate the distractions. They can also collaborate with the Scrum Master and the Product Owner to address the issue effectively.
  3. The Product Owner: The Product Owner is responsible for representing the stakeholders’ interests and ensuring that the team focuses on delivering value. They can advocate for the team’s needs and concerns to the senior manager. The Product Owner can work with the Scrum Master and the Development Team to address the issue and find a resolution that aligns with the overall goals of the product.
  4. The Whole Scrum Team: Resolving the problem of a senior manager frequently distracting the team is a collective effort. The Scrum Team as a whole should collaborate, discuss the issue, and work together to find a solution. They can leverage their collective expertise and perspectives to address the problem effectively. Open and transparent communication within the team is essential to identify the impact of distractions and develop strategies to mitigate them.

Scrum Master is the answer



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