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In which events Scrum Master must participate? Select three answers.

1)Daily Scrum

2)Sprint Retrospective

3)Sprint Planning

4)Sprint Review

5)Product Backlog refinement


Daily Scrum is a Developers’ event. Product Backlog refinement is Done by the Product Owner and Developers.

The role of the Scrum Master is primarily focused on facilitating and supporting the Scrum process and the team. While they actively participate in these events, their role is not to make decisions for the team but to guide and coach them in embracing Scrum principles and practices.

  1. Sprint Planning: The Scrum Master participates in the Sprint Planning meeting, where the team determines the Sprint Goal and collaboratively decides which Product Backlog items they can deliver during the upcoming Sprint.
  2. Sprint Review: The Scrum Master actively participates in the Sprint Review, where the team presents the increment to stakeholders and gathers feedback. The Scrum Master helps facilitate the review and ensures the team receives valuable input for future iterations.
  3. Sprint Retrospective: The Scrum Master facilitates the Sprint Retrospective, which is a reflection and improvement session for the team. The Scrum Master encourages open and honest discussion and helps the team identify areas for improvement and action items.

Answer is : 2,3,4 in options



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